Mastering Equipment:

Sequoia v.11 Mastering DAW
Focusrite Blue 315 Isomorphic Mastering EQ
Manley Variable Mu Tube Compressor
API 2500 Stereo Compressor
Thermionic Culture Pullet Passive Equaliser with Hamptone HJFP2 Amp.
Neve Portico 5042 Tape Emulation
Plugins: Sonoris, Flux, Brainworx, Softube
SoX for Sample Rate Conversion and other nifty stuff
Mytek Stereo96 ADC and RME converters
Custom Designed Passive Mastering Console
Bel Canto S300 Class D power amplifier
American Acoustic Development Speakers
Avantone MixCube mono reference monitor
Five Fish PEQ-503 Program Equalizer
Pete's Place Audio BAC-500 Brad Avenson Compressor
Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable
Grado Labs SR80i Headphones