Mastering with Jeff Elliott (a.k.a Fedge):

I've mastered many hundreds of albums since 1995.  So many great collaborations. What more can I say? I enjoy mastering.


Can you also create a master for my vinyl release? Yes.

Can you provide proper Mastered For iTunes files? Yes.  (I'm an official Provider).

Analog mastering? Yes, I've got some nice pro analog mastering equipment. Although some digital plugins tend to slip into the mix.

Have you worked with my style of music? Most likely.

Why are your rates so reasonable? No assistants, no receptionist, no leather couch, and my bike is cheap on gas.

What are your rates? $75/hr.  Number of hours depends on the complexity of the project.  But I will usually offer you a flat rate once you let me know a few specifics regarding your project.

Does your studio provide a true and accurate listening environtment ? Yes.

What if I still have questions? Just ask.